More than 100 mixes and 26 awards and counting... #Damopod is one of the most passionate projects. Whether you are into Electro, Progressive, Trance, Bounce, Pop or House, you will find yourself fitting right in and dance along to the rhythm.

Drone Videos

Bird's eye view of NZ's beautiful nature, beautiful on the ground, spectacular in the air.


Watch my flight simulator videos as I soar into the sky with the most advanced flight simulator with the most realistic flight modelling

Travel Vlogs

Follow my journey as I travel across NZ and overseas, where I will be bringing you to experience the wonders that I saw.


This is a biography for Damien CHUNG, also known as Denioanic. Denioanic is known for his creativity in photography and also his interests in DJ-ing and content creating.

Denioanic is highly inspired in House music which has became his main focus however as a person who appreciates music, he doesn’t hold back on playing anything like Electro House, Progressive House, Deep House, Electronica, Melbourne Bounce, Electro Pop and Dance. As we enter into the new year, he is challenging himself to be better and to dig deeper into the dance music world, and you will expect to go back into the 90s and the unknown territory of dance music.

Denioanic started his mix show on the 31st December 2013 and currently the best mixes is charted on top 7 on the Beatport mix chart. His mix show #Damopod is now available on major distributing sites iTunes podcast and Beatport.

Denioanic started producing in 2013 right after he has learnt to DJ, where he created his tracks through samples, in 2014 he released "Drink AnotherCup (In The Club), one of the most upbeat track he has done with multiple interested partnership in place however with his limited musical background he hold it off to gain more skills with his musical production. All of the produced tracks contains third party samples so they are not for sale, however it is a way to showcase his ability to produce.

Denionic has an ear for music, but he is not only limited to that, he started planning his way into making videos, anything from gaming, travel vlogs to creative video production. Check out his social platforms for his wide range of works.