Due to recent commitment to a full time study, I will not be able to make any set schedule. All mixes will be uploaded to MixCloud when released. Follow my social media to get notification of my next live stream.




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As Beatport is phasing out their DJ profile page and mixes upload, all data provided is only as updated as available to us. Unfortunately due to such event, we will no longer be updating our personal Beatport profile page. All future mixes will be uploaded to MixCloud.

#Damopod 053 (PART 2)
#Damopod 057
#Damopod 104 
#Damopod 101
#Damopod 107
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#Damopod 081
#Damopod 082
#Damopod 094
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#Damopod 095 


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#Damopod 053 (PART 1)
#Damopod 088
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#Damopod 103
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#Damopod 072
#Damopod 093
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#Damopod 031 
TOP 18
#Damopod 044 
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#Damopod 051 
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#Damopod 049 
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#Damopod 006
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#Damopod 020
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#Damopod 047 
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#Damopod 030
#Damopod 034


#Damopod first started on 31st December 2013, inspired by the world leading DJs, the very first episode of #Damopod was born, #Damopod has a different concept to other podcasts and

Denioanic brings the new concept to make #Damopod unique and different than any other mix shows offered by other DJs. Since started, #Damopod has been exposed all around the world, supported by DJs and have multiple awards.

After a few months, formally known as DJ Damo rebranded to Denioanic, the goal is to be able to provide professional quality mix, the largest challenge and commitment ever come across since he started his DJ career in 2012.

#Damopod have solid listeners throughout the world including UK, Europe, US, Russia, Australia and all parts of the world. The mix show has also gained 2 TOP 7 spots on the Beatport mix chart, along with more than 20 other mixes on the top 100 chart. On iTunes podcast, there has been a solid 6000+ downloads however due to the provider suspending further uploads, the main  website to stream his latest mix is on Beatport and Mixcloud.

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