Be the next DJ superstar

With our very own DJ Denioanic providing a 1 to 1 DJ tutoring, scoring multiple awards on his mixes, ranked #1 EDM DJ in Auckland & New Zealand on ReverbNation, you cannot go wrong with this. We offer the most competitive price with fast track training covering all basics ready for your next DJ gig.


Intermediate DJ Training (5 days)

Lessons including:

  • Introduction of equipment and Serato
  • Beat mixing
  • Basic intro + outro mix
  • Basic intro to FXs
  • Planning and recording a set.
  • Cross Faders


Advance DJ Training (5 days)


  • Mixing overview
  • Key mixing
  • Looping, Hot Cues, FXs
  • Planning for a mix/set
  • Introduction to Ableton
  • Editing and Mashups using Ableton


Complete DJ Training (10 days)

Lessons including:

  • Intermediate DJ Training + Advance DJ Training


At the end of the course, the final DJ mix recorded by the student will be promoted on #Damopod, Denioanic's own mix show that attracts listeners throughout the world. *Conditions Apply